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We are team based in bangalore, our expertise on Event Management always including the Quality of a Event Or Design.
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In an increasingly fast-paced, wired world, we bring content and People together. Exchanging ideas, sharing information, elevating the conversation and building relationships.​

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Events management

Hayat Stage An Event Managing companies, we bring our client’s messages to life through the design, production, and execution of high-end corporate events. We understand our client’s needs, and we always put them first – no matter the size or complexity. Our clients trust us to provide creative solutions for their biggest challenges, to execute professional and flawless events, and to do this while exercising extreme discretion when necessary. It’s all part of our exceptional customer service.

We Design

we at Hayat stage Events, design themes and believe in working with a style rather than following just one style. We understand that the simplest relationships are formed by building trust with the clients

Event Setup

Have Your Event setup Ready On Time, All your Client has to do is Come and unpack all the supplies from bag and rest while we take care of all Your Luxuries Till the event ends and everyone moves out.

Flawless Execution

When accidental events occur, we react swiftly with our partners, leveraging our expertise to quickly and efficiently overcome the challenge. Life can be messy – but with the proper planning and execution Events can be flawless.

Leading Event Management Company In Bangalore

Hayat stage

Organise an event that generates leads, engages your stakeholders and places your brand a notch above the rest. Hayat stage has been and still is the Best Event Management Company In Bangalore.

For every project we execute, our goal is simple: to create an experiential journey that stays with the audience long after event. Beyond simply handling the logistics of your events, we strengthen brand recall among potential customers, foster loyalty among your employees and create a journey, that leaves an impact in the minds of attendees.

Let Hayat stage An Event Organizers In Bangalore show you how our event design and Production Services will take your business to the next level

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Corporate Events
Seminars, Conferences, Exhibition Stalls & Product Launch 87%
Weddings & Marriages 93%
Private Events
Birthday Parties & Balloon decorations 82%
Marketing And Business development 95%

Best Event Management Companies In Bangalore

For over 7 years Hayat Stage Event Organizers In Bangalore has been bringing people on content together, to exchange ideas, share information, Elevate conversations and build relationships. Hayat stage an event planner is a full-service media Communications and event design company. That specializes in brand enhancement, creative content delivery, and Technical production for Corporate Events, Seminars, Conferences, Trade shows, Product Launch, Exhibition stalls, Weddings, Marriages, and special events. Using a variety of immersive media and live and delivers event experiences that connect and engage your audience. Every program becomes a reflection of your voice and the Vivid representation of your vision. Let Hayat stage Corporate Event Managing company show you how our event design and Production Services will take your business to the next level.

Events And Productions provide one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your business. In-person engagements are essential to the development of every business, regardless of their size, type or whether they’re an established organization or startup. More than a simple logistic execution and event allows you to address your entire target audience at once. Delivering your message with Maximum Impact, a successful event generates measurable results in many ways. Such as Financial growth, brand enhancement, business exposure, an effective launch of new products or services, or by the impactful delivery of important information. Face-to-face meetings provide a place to develop key relationships. stimulate team-building, improve employee performance and morale, And the opportunity to align company-wide values. all of which can be achieved through a strategically designed and well-executed event. Let Hayat stage an event management company in Bangalore shows you how our event design, Event planning, Organizing and Production Services will take your business to the next level. 

The event provides an environment where presenters and attendees can collectively collaborate. Drive new ideas and raise awareness, holding an event in an off-site venue removes everyone from traditional office environments and daily distractions. Promoting clear, unobstructed attention and focus. choosing to hold it in an exotic location or luxury venue offers additional incentive and excitement. Employees and customers would both be exhilarated by attending a conference in Bangalore. Your Veil and life can help you locate the perfect venue to assist with contract negotiation and overseas-based planning to ensure your program runs smoothly and is optimized for your audience. Let Hayat stage an Event Planning company In Bangalore shows you how our event design, Production Services and Event company Bangalore, will take your business to the next level.

Hayat stage An Event Management Bangalore provides a wealth of Production Services to meet the needs of every customer. Starting with event design, Our use of collective expertise and customers Creative Solutions will exceed your most pressing communication Challenges, every media element is strategically designed with your message and audience in mind, essential to every meeting and promote your brand through the entire event be a presentation Graphics, digital signage, Custom event Apps, branded charging stations, Printed backdrops, banners and badges and much more. Our creative team produces captivating visuals, inspirational music, and cuddled Graphics that heightened a message that helps to move your audience to action. During the events, we also provide real-time services that deliver immediate context to your attendees smartphones and other devices. And finally, Hayat stage has extensive experience and technical knowledge to ensure you’ll only receive high-quality event services, where and when you need it most let Hayat stage an event company in Bangalore show you how our event design and Production Services will take your business to the next level.

At Hayat Stage Event Organizers, we feel it’s necessary to understand your business and your team. And what’s important to you only then we can we strategically design and deliver your perfect program regardless of its size or duration. A well-designed event should be desirable engaging and memorable to your attendees. And prove invaluable to the success of your business. Let Hayat stage event planner in Bangalore shows you how our event design, event planning or organizing, production services and events management, will take your business to the next level.

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Branding Strategy

We as expert team constantly focuses on branding of your organization branding can give you huge number of sales and trust from clients.

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Operations Management

Our event operations managers are some of the most professional, knowledgeable and passionate people in the event industry.

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The phrase ‘Destination Weddings’ itself creates a lot of excitement for everyone. But planning and executing one is a difficult job. 

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Corporate Events

We execute all type of Corporate events type like hospitality and social activity.. Reach us if you got requirement

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Learn everything about event management. if you want to be an event planner or starting up, our blog is perfect to start with.

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Reach us, One of the top event management company in Bangalore who will meet all your requirements with ease.

We design, develop and deliver every program component, no matter how large or small, with each client's ultimate goal in mind...a flawless execution for what's important.

Best Event Management Company
In Bangalore

Hayat stage Core Event Management Services

The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations

Technical production management:

Home 3From custom staging, sound and lighting to video projection, recording systems, digital signage and interactive technologies, we make sure that the right hardware is readily available to deliver flawless presentation support in any venue imaginable. We’ll also provide detailed CAD’s, floor plans and renderings to help you make smart decisions about how to most efficiently allocate your production budget.

Corporate Event Design Management:

Home 4From seminar meetings, conferences and product launches to incentive programs, gala dinners and themed events, Or any type of event Planning services, your key attendees deserve an experience worthy of their time and investment. We bring years of collective expertise and customized creative solutions to your most pressing communications challenges and strategically design every meeting element with your audience firmly in mind.

Branding and signage design:

Home 5Every meeting program on your calendar benefits from a consistent and recognizable brand image tied to established corporate graphic standards. Our design teams work continuously to promote your brand message throughout the entire event (from registration desk, check-in to directional and off-site) via digital signage, logo banners, branded charging stations, screen-printed media interview backdrops and much more.

Technology integration:

Home 6More and more, sophisticated audiences are expecting immediate real-time access to content across all their devices while attending an event. We have extensive experience with webcasting, live streaming, interactive audience response, real-time polling and web-based customized mobile app design and are comfortable working with internal. IT teams to satisfy existing system requirements and protocols, both domestically and internationally.

Presentation Support (Emcee)

Home 7Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Our event producers are well-versed in stage direction, speech coaching and media training, allowing those tasked with presenting your story to focus on effective message delivery. We’ll even assist your executive team with scripting and graphic speech support design in both PowerPoint and Keynote to make certain the best foot goes forward

Social Media:

Home 8Turning a simple meeting into a social media experience takes creative thinking and proven technical expertise. We offer complete design and development services in customizing fully-integrated cross-platform applications and can deliver strategic social media solutions, event internet, text messaging capability, real-time engagement, program measurement and analytic tools scalable to any event

Seminar and Conference Services

Home 9A well-produced general session may not be your only meeting responsibility. We can support your team with program registration, on-site staffing, pre-event communication, e-mail campaigns and post-show surveys through our comprehensive TLM (Total Logistics Management) process. In addition, we can assist with trade shows and exhibits, sponsorships, promotional partnerships, co-branded marketing opportunities and on-site exhibitor services.

Speaker and Media entertainment:

Home 10Want more buzz from your next meeting or event? Let us source just the right keynote speaker, engaging panel of industry experts or top-flight entertainment guaranteed to get people talking, texting and tweeting. From pundits to politicians, comedians to musicians, and actors to athletes, our direct connections to headline talent are unlimited

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Why People Like Our Event Management Company


Frequently Asked Question About Event Management and event Planning

We have received hundreds of answers for this. Here are some heads:

  • Protect yourself from the stress and headache of planning.
  • A new, refreshing promotion to a repeat event.
  • Managing the event is often underestimated, logically challenging nature of an event.
  • Because you are not sure where to start.
  • Also you are too late. for event planning
  • And planning this event is just 15% of your overall workload.
  • you need to make the most of your budget.
  • Because this incident is going to make headlines. Or needs to be.

Yes, There is an argument about whether event managers are born or bothered by them and even people within the industry may object to whether an event management degree is meaningful or not. People outside the industry can sometimes be even more distrustful. And most of the event planners in Bangalore are event organizers due to their experience. Does not have a degree.

Yes, anyone can become an event planner, you do not need to have a certificate to become an event planner in Bangalore or anywhere in India.

All you have to do is get as much experience from any local event organizers or any wedding planner nearby, which will definitely give you the experience of do’s and Dont’s.

Not all events are the same and unfortunately I do not have the cost of a peg to manage any event that people expect. I’m certainly always happy to have a brief discussion with someone I know I need to know to put an accurate quote, but I would like to ask you about the type, format, number, location, of that event I hope to ask the time frame, purpose and budget before I can give a nominal value.

Event Managers usually charge a management / service fee, which is usually a percentage of the total wedding budget and work, and finalized after discussion with you. However there are costs of savings derived from the special rates offered to us by our customers and suppliers.

Hiring us does not really exceed your planned budget.

The services of event planners are also often used in planning other social events such as anniversaries, engagement parties, graduation ceremonies, weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions. We are happy to help with any type of event management service in Bangalore

  1. Scorpio events
  2. white massif
  3. Event You All
  4. Dreamcraft
  5. Wings event

We recommend a consultation to ensure that we are the right fit. We are very flexible to meet your needs, so we are confident that we will find a positive way of working together. And also, these above mentioned event companies are some of the top leading event management companies in Bangalore, The main draw back with this event organizers Bangalore is They are Not cost effective

Yes, Hayatstage events in Bangalore produces the majority of its clients’ events in Bangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Mysore, Vishakapatnam and Nationally

You should ideally start discussing your needs at least 3-6 months in advance. Once you decide that, Venue and Hotel can help you, we need to book our services immediately to ensure that we are available and to plan and execute your events or Enough time to meet your expectations!

Every part is vital and it’s interlinked with the success/failure of an occasion .
An event company may be a giant watch, so as to urge the right time, every part has got to move harmoniously in sync to offer the right time ( outcome )
Important Parts in event management are :
Designing: out of the box solutions gives you edge over your competitors.
Production: it’s the work of production team to show the planning to reality.
Client Servicing:  it’s his/her job to make sure that the client is happy n timely payments from the client are possible.

A wedding or special event is an important moment in our life. Just like marriage is that the most special and attractive moment in our life because whether it’s a wedding or an occasion , once in life, a coincidence happens. Marriage is taken into account a birth-birth in Hinduism, so it’s special that we or our relations and friends all want that whatever happens is extremely special and it should be remembered for life. So we feel that our event or wedding plan are going to be completed successfully in order that everyone are often happy and happy. In order to successfully complete an event, people rely on event planners and hire them.


Top 5 event management apps are:

  1. Monday.com For events internal planning 
  2. Eventzilla for Online event Registrations
  3. Splash For Custumizing attendee Communications
  4. Eventbrite To connecting audiences with facebook
  5. Bizzabo Fo all type of event management solutions

Major challenges faced by event organizers are:

  1. Budgeting and Time Management
  2. Reaching New attendees and Sponsorships
  3. Venue, Theme and Vendor
  4. Uncooperative weather & Environmental Issues
  5. Follow up with the trending technology 
  6. Managing multiple Events & Planning a Memorable Event
  7. Travel & stay charges & Increased Government Regulation
  8. Rising Costs During the Planning of the Event

Immediate timeliness, News, Current Informations Trade shows and Events are Newsworthy because they have recently occured. its newsworthy because its “new”. proximity density, Local information and events are newsworthy because it affects the people in our community and region

  1. Social media marketing.
  2. Email marketing.
  3. Website Registration site.
  4. Printed media or offline marketing.
  5. Influencer marketing.
  6. Experiential marketing.

An event stylist may be a person responsible of the visual identity of an event . Note: you’ll even be curious about Things that an occassion stylist is typically responsible of Overall visual theme.

Event designing is that the process of making a vision for an event then designing all of the visual details to make your space and tie it all at once – from the invitations and decor, to the activities and even the food.

You can find Event Manageent Internships In all most all the local event managing companies near me. and other ways to find internships are as follows

  1. Linkedin
  2. Naukri.com
  3. Google jobs

You should ideally start discussing your needs at least 3-6 months in advance. Once you decide that, Venue and Hotel can help you, we need to book our services immediately to ensure that we are available and to plan and execute your events or Enough time to meet your expectations!

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